Hollywood elitist college entrance scam proves everything the Left touches, it destroys: How much longer will our country survive?

The burgeoning college entrance scam involving scores of liberal elitists including at least two Hollywood actresses might seem like a small thing to many Americans, but that’s only because there has been so much Leftist fraud, corruption, fakery, and cultural degradation that came before it.

But the scandal really does reveal far more about who we are as a people and what we’ve become as a nation than most of us want to face or think about.

You’ve probably heard by now that actresses Felicity Huffman (“Desperate Housewives”) and Lori Loughlin (“Full House”) paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a con man, William Rick Singer, who used a portion of the money to game the university entrance system so their children were accepted to Ivy League and elite schools. Huffman and Loughlin were only part of a multimillion dollar scandal in which rich, well-connected elitist liberals were able to get their kids accepted to Yale, Stanford, the University of Texas, the University of Southern California (USC), and others schools. 

According to reports, there were four methods Singer used primarily to get kids of wealthy families into elite, high-end schools. The first two methods involved outright bribes, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail: 

Bribing college entrance exam administrators to allow a third party to facilitate cheating on college entrance exams, in some cases by posing as actual students,’ is the first.

Bribing university athletic coaches and administrators to designate applicants as purported athletic recruits – regardless of their athletic abilities, and in some cases, even though they did not play the sport,’ is the second.

And because several of the kids being ‘recruited’ to college sports programs didn’t even play the sport, sometimes Photoshop was used to paste their heads onto bodies of real athletes, as Entertainment Weekly reported:

In order to get non-athletic kids admitted to college as athletes, Singer often had to create fake profiles for them. Sometimes this involved fabricating resumes that listed them having played on elite club teams, but to finish the illusion Singer and his team would also use Photoshop to combine photos of the kids with actual athletes in the sport.

In addition to parents, a number of college coaches — who became wealthy in the process  — were also a part of the scandal. They would take the bribes in order to “recruit” the elite kids but would never actually place them on their teams. 

We are no longer a moral or righteous nation

The third and fourth methods used by Singer involved more direct cheating: Having a third party take a wealthy student’s classes with the understanding that the grades earned would become part of the wealthy student’s “application;” and submitting false applications to universities for admission that contained, among other things, the fraudulent class grades and exam scores as well as phony awards and athletic achievements.

Federal prosecutors have arrested the actresses and others involved after a 10-month investigation dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues.” Because many of the charges involved alleged mail and wire fraud, all of these people are looking at serious prison time if convicted.

As Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse Blog writes, Americans ought to be outraged and disgusted by these new revelations, but because corruption has spread to every aspect of American life, most of us likely aren’t even fazed. 

Every facet of our society and culture — politics, academia, science, the media, the arts — and nearly all of our cultural rot is directly attributable to Leftism/liberalism. Integrity, honor, and duty are traits so rare today among our leaders and supposed ‘role models’ it’s rare to encounter it. (Related: Democrats finally reveal their true agenda: Giving illegals the “right” to vote proves the party cares more about them than you.)

If that sounds harsh, think about it for a moment in terms of how our second president, John Adams, viewed our form of government and what it would take to maintain it. He said:

Avarice, ambition, revenge and licentiousness would break the strongest cords of our Constitution, as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

We are neither a moral nor righteous, religious nation these days. Such nations tend not to survive long.

Read more about the corruption and collapse of our society by the Left at Corruption.news and Collapse.news. 

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