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Revealed! Superstar Actor Raped Child Star Corey Haim

Hollywood is poised to out the A-list star who raped tragic ’80s child starCorey Haim and has brazenly gotten away with the abuse for almost three decades.

Artcile by Dylan Howard

RadarOnline is choosing not to name the superstar sexual predator at this time, but can reveal that he is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry.

In what would be the biggest development yet in exposing the seedy underbelly of organized pedophilia at the heart of Tinseltown, people close to the late Haim — who died in 2010 of a drug overdose at the age of 38 — are threatening to out the pedophile who raped the teen prodigy.

If they do, it would inevitably become one of the biggest pedophile scandals in America’s history.

The closeted perv has never come out as gay — and even has children of his own.

But in truth, the star behind the family-man facade is an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life.

He was the “kingpin” of a child sex ring that ensnared Haim and Corey Feldman, multiple sources have told Radar over the span of a gut-wrenching, four-year investigation into the Hollywood scandal and cover up.

“This dirty little secret is an open secret among so many in the biz,” revealed one showbiz insider.

Reporters from Radar have spoken to dozens of sources, who have revealed how Haim pinpointed his depraved abuser in the final years of his troubled life.

The star of Lucas, Watchers and the Oscar-nominated Murphy’s Romancebemoaned how his shocking allegations of rape and abuse at the hands of this powerful man had gone unchecked for decades.

The individual — a household name and revered by millions around the globe — had systematically abused him as a young boy, both on-and-off set, in their trailers and at parties attended by other A-List actors, Haim told friends.

The shocking abuse caused him emotional and physical torture in the later years of his life, they said.

“The first time this man raped Corey was after he got him high on pot,” said a source.

“He fooled him. Corey was vulnerable, and he fell for this person. He believed, like so many victims, that he was ‘in love’ with his abuser. He was so confused by the sexual encounter, and believed it was love.”

These individuals described Haim’s accounts as “credible and true.”

The allegations also shed an uncomfortable light on high-profile Hollywood institutions such as television and movie studios, along with the directors, producers and co-stars, who allowed children like Haim to fall into their rapist’s clutches.

“In Corey’s case, many people in the industry were aware he was being abused by this man, and that no one did anything to stop it — or help him,” a source who spent time with the pair told Radar.

“Instead, this person would use his star power to intimidate, threaten, and muzzle those around him.”

Haim’s childhood friend, Feldman, has previously detailed how the impressionable pair were BOTH raped — Haim, first, at the age of 11 by a “Hollywood producer.”

The identity of the A-List individual at the center of Haim’s second nightmarish abuse occurred when he was in his mid-teens.

Feldman claimed the sexual abuse Haim suffered as a child was directly responsible for his lifelong battle with drugs — and his eventual death.

The star of 1980s movies such as The Goonies, Stand by Me and The Lost Boys said: “Let’s just say it this way: I know every single person that interfered with Corey’s life and he knew every person that interfered with mine.”

“I’m not able to name names,” Feldman declared in a May interview with The Hollywood Reporter, but teased that the individual was still “prominently in the business” today.

“People are frustrated, people are angry, they want to know how is this happening, and they want answers — and they turn to me and they say, “Why don’t you be a man and stand up and name names and stop hiding and being a coward?” said Feldman.

“I would love to name names. I’d love to be the first to do it. But unfortunately California — conveniently enough — has a statute of limitations that prevents that from happening.

“If I were to go and mention anybody’s name, I would be the one that would be in legal problems and I’m the one that would be sued.”

In California, police can file a charge of aggravated rape — that involves a weapon, more than one person, or seriously injures the victim — at any time, with no limitation. Prosecution for “normal” sexual assault has a statute of limitations of six years — a roadblock encountered by many of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims.

What’s more, California’s notoriously tough libel laws ensured Haim and Feldman would never discuss their harrowing allegations in public for fear of being hauled into court.

“The threat of being bankrupted by someone who ruled the corridors of power in Hollywood silenced their complaints before they ever went public, let alone dare to share their stories with police,” revealed another source.

“It ensured a culture of secrecy that has, sadly, prevailed for decades since.”

Charged another insider: “Corey Haim didn’t name his abuser in public because he was — and still is — so powerful that he feared he would ruin his career.”

But before he died, Haim DID name the sicko predator to some of his close friends and family.

Said a pal: “He’d bottled everything up but he finally confided about what had happened. I said, ‘Go to the police!’ He said, ‘No. It’s all in the past and people will start talking and thinking I’m gay.’

“Corey was afraid Hollywood would ostracize him. He was a big star but this man was bigger. He said, ‘No one would ever believe me! ‘”

“It was ugly. To me, Corey was this innocent little Toronto kid. But these men chewed him up and spat him out.”

A top Hollywood insider said: “Just take a look at Bill Cosby . Some stars aren’t the perfect family-friendly individuals that the industry portrays them to be.”

“By exposing the sick and twisted double lives of Haim’s abuser and the likes of Bill Cosby, the veil of secrecy that has protected these creeps will be shattered,” added the insider. “Their enablers will be exposed. The truth must be told.”

According to a source, one of Haim’s closest confidants is preparing to tell all — and name names — in the hope that new laws can be passed that would extend the statute of limitations for underage victims of sex abuse.

He’s been offered various platforms to tell the story, including a primetime television special.

“Holding power to account is justice,” the source said. “This individual should be quaking in his boots. Their life is about to come crashing down.”

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