Susan Sarandon: Pope will be assassinated for his progressive views

Tuesday, December 01, 2015 by

Straight off the road from her bizarre time at the Burning Man convention, Susan Sarandon has proclaimed the Pope is at risk of assassination, due to all the major cleansing he has done inside the Catholic system. Susan must be referring to the cleansing of long held biblical doctrines, as Pope Francis has alone done more than any of his predecessors, to separate the Catholic Church from the inspired word of God regarding abortion, gay marriage and illegal mass immigration.

Many from the actual media and the Christian Church fear his visit to the United States may have been more of a symbolic heralding in of a New World Order to cement all the social and doctrinal changes which have occurred in America since his last visit. The notion that he may be assassinated could cause even the most modest among us to wonder whether or not this is yet another ploy to vilify those who oppose his radical globalist stances. Either that, or it could just be another one of Mrs. Sarandon’s LSD laced rants — well, only time will tell!



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